Events from 2023

Sensory Evaluation of Different Types of Flours in Fruit Cake, Brooke Baker


University Students' Understanding of the Endocannabinoid System and its Relevance to Nutrition, Brittney Burford, Allyson Melton, and Robbie Otero

Thoughts, Behaviors, and Beliefs about Food and Body Image Among College Freshmen, Emma Kathleen Conner and Sophia Talley

Assessment of Nutrition Status of Adults Using the Nutrition-Focused Physical Examination, Lauren Fowler

Assessment of College Students' Nutritional Knowledge of HerbaLife Prior to Consumption of Supplements, Lauren Fowler and Michell Byers

The Correlation between Team Environmental Factors and the Prevalence of Eating Disorders among Collegiate Athletes at Ouachita Baptist University, Erica Gaddie, Cannon Fisher, and Riley Griffin

Sensory Evaluation of Sugar Cookies Using Sugar Substitutes, Hannah Michelle Garner

Assessment of Knowledge on Eating Disorders Among Faculty and Staff at Ouachita Baptist University, Hannah Michelle Garner and Trent Reeder

The Correlation between Caffeine Intake and Sleeping Habits of Undergraduate College Students, Karrington Gordon, Natalie Keen Atkins, and Shelby Roberts

Artificially Sweetened Beverages and the Role THey Play in Increasing Incidence Rates of Metabolic Syndrome within the Type-Two Diabetic Community, Emma McCorKle, Matthew Kulbeth, and Lydia Serviss

Why Baking is Good for Your Mental and Emotional Health, Julianna Parsons

Nutritional Knowledge of Hydration Among Undergraduate Students at Ouachita Baptist University, Ashley Peters and Paige Chelette


Nutrition Knowledge of Young Adults: How has K-12 Education Affected the Health of Young Adults in 2023, Anna Polo

Sensory Evaluation of Strawberry Cake Prepared with Different Sugar Substitutes, Merina Ray

Sensory Evaluation of Banana Bread Using Egg Substitutes, Trent Reeder

Sensory Evaluation of Fat Alternatives in Chocolate Chip Cookies, Andy Selph


Aunt Patti's Good Cooking: An Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook and Guide, Emma Starkman

Aunt Patti's Good Cooking's: An Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook and Guide, Emma Starkman


Sensory Evaluation of Sugar Substitutes in Peanut Butter Cookies, Emma Starkman


Assessment of Undergraduate Students' Knowledge and Consumption of Electrolytes and Hydration, Emma Starkman and Emma Starkman


The Stigmatization of Eating Disorders Based on Cultures: The South vs The World, Maria Urbina Turcios

Events from 2022


Use of Milk Alternatives in a Muffin Mix to Determine Acceptance for Lactose Intolerant Individuals, Meg Atchison


Weekly Consuption of Fruits and Vegetables Among Undergraduate Students, Ashleigh Batte, Angelica Montes, and Detri Brech

Sensory Evaluation of Different Egg Substitutes in Pancakes, Michell Byers


Sensory Evaluation of Banana Bread Using Different Fat Substitutes, Keren Fernandez

Sensory Evaluation on Adding Collagen Powder to Desserts, Cannon Fisher

Effects of COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes on Eating Habits of Individuals and Families: Is There an Increase in Obesity and Other Health Problems?, Erica Gaddie


Sensory Evaluation of Black Bean Brownies Prepared with Sugar Substitutes, Erica Gaddie


The Effects of Eating Habits on the Mental Health of College Students, Erica Gaddie and Keren Fernandez

Nutritional Knowledge of Faculty and Staff at Ouachita Baptist University in Comparison to the Standards of USDA, Emily Garrett and Latina Robinson

Nutritional Knowledge of Fiber Consumption in Undergraduate Students, Jessie Golden and Amanda Almand

Evaluation of Artificial Sweeteners: Their Effects on Ice Cream Properties and Public Acceptance, Gwyneth Hadasa

Sensory Evaluation of Biscuits Prepared with Flour Alternatives, Gwyneth Hadasa


The Effects of COVID-19 on Childhood Obesity: A Quasi-Systematic Review, Gwyneth Hadasa, Maria Urbina, Erica Gaddie, and Detri Brech


The Correlation Between a Nutritious Diet and a Ouachita Baptist University Student's Academic Performance, Alyssa Huber, Kristen Dabov, and Detri Brech

An Assessment of Energy Drink Consumption Among Students and Their Knowledge Regarding the Potential Health Implications, Erica Klitz and Molly Hunter

A Combined Analysis of the Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers and Infants, Calley Maples, Rue Ragsdale, and Drew Crutchfield

The Comparison of Nutrition Knowledge Between Male and Female Athletes, Allison Robertson and Blanca Rodriguez

Sensory Evaluation of Chocolate Chip Cookies with Egg Substitutes, Tony Threadgill

Assessment of Malnutrition in Elderly Adults Implementing the Nutrition Focused Physical Exam, Maria Urbina


Sensory Evaluation of Brownies Prepared with Different Types of Fat, Maria Urbina

Events from 2021

Prevalence and Knowledge of Hydration on a College Campus, Kelsey Bailey

A Systematic Review of Teacher Training to Impact Childhood Obesity, Jorie Beaumont

Sensory Evaluation of Dutch Sugar Cookies Prepared with Splenda, Jorie Beaumont

Sensory Evaluation of Chocolate Chip Cookies Prepared with Sugar Substitutes, Jessi Bennett

A Systematic Review of the Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam in Assessment of Malnutrition: A Focus on the Elderly, Cannon Fisher

Prevalence of Eating Disorders in College Athletes, Cannon Fisher

Nutritional Knowledge Based on Undergraduate Major, Lily Formby

Sensory Evaluation of Oatmeal Cookies Prepared with Stevia, Maija Gertsone

Science Behind Deserts: Cookies, Cakes, & Ice Cream, Gwyneth Hadasa

Sensory Evaluation of Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies Prepared with a Sugar Substitute, Julianna Jones

Sensory Evaluation of Chocolate Chip Cookies Prepared with Unsweetened Apple Sauce as a Fat Substitute, Erica Klitz

Sensory Evaluation of Shortbread Cookies Prepared with Stevia, Sean McKinney

Sensory Evaluation of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Prepared with a Sugar Substitute, Abby Morris

Sensory Evaluation of Peanut Butter Cookies Prepared with Fat Substitutes, Robert Otero


Why Are We Using Our Mouths as an Entrance for Bacteria?, Alyssa Reece

Why Are We Using Our Mouths as an Entrance for Bacteria?, Alyssa Reece

Dietary Supplement use among College Students, Lauren Schoenherr

Sensory Evaluation of Sugar Cookies Prepared with sugar Substitutes, Madeline Steely

Dietary Patterns Associated with Technology Applications, Ashlee Stewart

Events from 2020


Effects of Nutrition and Physical Activity Intervention in Improving Children's BMI-for-Age Percentiles, Markie Campbell, Madeline Wallace, and Detri Brech


Role of Nutrition Focused Physical Exam in the Identification of Malnutrition in the Elderly, Madeline Wallace, Markie Campbell, and Detri Brech

Theses from 2017


A Survey of a Rural Southwest Arkansas Baptist Church on Attitudes Toward Nutrition and Physical Activity in the Church, Elizabeth Fast

Theses from 2009


Eating Disorders: Behind the Scenes, Katie Potts

Theses from 2005


Osteoporosis Prevention in Undergraduate College Students at Ouachita Baptist University and Henderson State University, Bethany Murray

Theses from 2003


Assessment of the Nutrition Knowledge and Nutrition Practices of Crisis Pregnancy Center Clients, Sarah Harger

Theses from 1995


Medical Nutrition Therapy in the Management of Preterm and Low Birthweight Infants, Wendy Elizabeth Foster

Theses from 1973


Nutrition and Disease, Libby Cook


A New Me: A Study in Diet Therapy, Marsha Ellis


Cooking, Carol Miller


Clothing Construction, Jill Starnes


Experiments in Cultural Food Patterns and Customs, Emma Gail White


Nutrition for Children, Emma Gail White

Theses from 1972


Nutrition and Disease, Libby Cook


Inadequacies in the American Diet, Emma Gail White

Theses from 1970


Food Additives, Joyce Mason


The Home Economist in the Business Field, Mary Moyers