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Spring 2020

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Dr. Rachel Pool

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Professor Carrie Sharp

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Dr. Barbara Pemberton


Reading is a vital part of education and life, therefore a necessary skill to learn. There are many debated methods as to teaching a child to read, but sometimes overlooked is another important component of the reading process—what a child reads. Books come in a hoard of different styles, genres, and formats, and their contents can be limitlessly varied. While it can be argued that all books are good to read in an appropriate time and place, as far as learning to read is concerned, there are some books that are more appropriate to children than others. Divided into age-level appropriateness, this thesis presents different criteria that may help serve as a guide to choosing appropriate literature for children learning to read. With these criteria in mind, books can be chosen that best support a child’s interests, developing reading skills, and current development to promote comprehension, engagement, and a love for reading.



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