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Expressionism is a seeking of the artist to express elemental feelings that are inherent in a real world. The artist sees the conflicts in nature an in the human being and tries to express this on canvas. Vincent Van Gogh, the forerunner of this movement, strove to paint what he felt and to feel what he painted. the Expressionists after him have branched out into all directions, but all of them expressed their feelings through their art.

Vincent, the greatest and most revolutionary Dutch painter after Rembrandt, was born in Groot Zundert in the province of Noord Brabant on March 30, 1953. He was the first live child born to Anna Cornelia Carbentus Van Gogh and Theodorus Van Gogh. The second of the six children, Theo, was born four years later.The Van Gogh family history can be traced back to the sixteenth century. They were primarily preachers and artists. Van Gogh's father was a preacher, and he had three uncles who were art dealers. These two strains exerted strong, and often contradictory, influences on Vincent all of his life.



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