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Dr. Douglas Reed

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Professor Lavell Cole


The challenge is to navigate the untrodden area of reapportionment, in particular majority-minority districts. The Supreme Court has ruled in various reapportionment cases, yet these cases continue to plague the dockets of the United States Supreme Court. The focus of research is to evaluate the new phenomenon of majority-minority districts as it has progressed through constitutional amendments, civil and voting rights acts, and Supreme Court cases, all of which culminate in the 1992 elections. The 1990 Census and reapportionment were the birth of majority-minority districts. In creating these districts, one must look at the most effective percentage breakdowns in each district. Will the barest majority be sufficient or do states need to create safer majorities? Through research of past legislation and Supreme Court cases, analysis of current problems, and study of initial results of majority-minority districts, I will offer to political science information organized in such a way that is currently unavailable.



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