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It would appear from these records that the Second Baptist Church of Springdale, Arkansas, existed only for four years. It was originally established in 1910 as a result of the differences among members of First Baptist Church of Springdale with regard to actions of their pastor. At first the Second Baptist Church met in the Springdale auditorium. They purchased land in 1911, and completed a church building in 1912. The church prospered for four years, but continued to have unresolved problems with the First Baptist Church. At the end of 1914 both churches met to put an end to their differences. A reconciliation was accomplished, with the members of Second being accepted back in full fellowship into First Baptist, and Second Baptist Church was dissolved.

The records of the Second Baptist Church of Springdale contain a "Church Roll and Record" ledger for 1910 to 1914, including charter members, membership rolls, minutes of meetings for the purpose of separation from First Baptist Church of Springdale, and regular meeting minutes. There are also resolutions from First Baptist Church and Second Baptist Church with regard to reconciliation and reuniting into one congregation.



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