Posters in this session will highlight research conducted by women in STEM throughout Arkansas and other states.


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Saturday, March 20th
11:30 AM

An inexpensive and efficient approach to cure Chagas Disease

Johanna Lasiter

11:30 AM

Carrier-free Chemo-PTT/PDT ionic nanomaterials for combination cancer therapy

Samantha Macchi

11:30 AM

Lowering the cost and raising the efficiency of a cure to Chagas disease

Madeleine Peters

11:30 AM

Making inexpensive drugs for the treatment of Human African Trypanosomiasis

Lou V A M. Gore ms

11:30 AM

Modeling the Interactions of Divalent Metal Cations with a Monolayer

Lacey LaBee

11:30 AM

Synthesis of N-Benzoyl-2-hydroxybenzamides as Agents Utilized in Treatment of Malaria

Brittany Krug
Gregory Naumeic, University of Central Arkansas

11:30 AM

The Creation of a Next-Generation Cancer Treatment Using Photodynamic Therapy

Jasmine Baughman
Joseph E. Bradshaw, Ouachita Baptist University

11:30 AM

The fight against Chagas disease: creating an efficient and inexpensive cure

Jessica Allred

11:30 AM