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Saturday, March 20th
1:00 PM

Afternoon Allied Health Panel

Sarah Jeffrey Attwood, Pediatrics Plus
Sarah Reyna, South Arkansas Cardiology
Shelby Roberson, ARcare

1:00 PM

Afternoon Biology & Wildlife Science Session

Christin Pruett, Ouachita Baptist University
Julie Starling, Calumet Oil & Lubricants

1:00 PM

Afternoon Chemistry Panel

Virginia Grant, Scripps Research Institute
Allison Hedrick, US Army Operational Test Command
Melody Lyon-Hyche, WM Barr & Co.

1:00 PM

Afternoon Engineering & Astronomy Panel

Misti Clark, Collin College
Maria McClintock, Cargill
Lesley Simanton-Coogan, University of North Georgia

1:00 PM

Afternoon Health Professions Panel

Amy Coburn, Highland Clinic Pediatric Eye Specialists
Missy Lewis, Ouachita Baptist University
Rachel Reeves, Walgreens
Tara Roberts, Nexion Health Management Inc.

1:00 PM

Afternoon Math & Computer Science Panel

Kim Bell, Athens State University
Marylesa Howard, Nevada National Security Site
Katie Nobles, Lockheed Martin

1:00 PM

Afternoon Unique STEM Careers Panel

Tina Murphy, Twin Rivers Vet Supply
Glennis Rayermann, Buffalo State College
Karen Steelman, Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center

1:00 PM