Department Chair: Professor Donnie Copeland

The Rosemary Adams Department of Visual Arts provides an environment devoted to nurturing creative and critical thinking skills, individual artistic expression, and spiritual growth within the framework of a Christian-based liberal arts program that balances tradition and innovation, and values diverse approaches to art-making and design. Our vision is to provide a structured, creative setting that enables students to ask questions, solve problems, and take risks as they gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for meaningful and productive lives as artists, designers, and citizens of the world. The Rosemary Adams Department of Visual Arts is a collaborative teaching and learning environment that encourages students to develop meaningful interaction across the visual arts and other disciplines.

Education in art develops an appreciation for the beautiful and harmonious in life. Courses in art are open to students wishing to develop critical and creative abilities and to students desiring professional art training. Students may choose one of three degree paths: art education, graphic design, or studio art, with curriculum designed to provide all majors with a foundation in design principles leading to advanced instruction in their chosen major.


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