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Homicide among Black males is a huge issue, and it's important to think about key contributors that lead up to it. One factor is the dropout rate and academic performance among Black males, which might be linked to the educational curriculum among most schools. Educational curriculum could be indirectly linked to homicide rates. It likely could be discouraging young Black men from staying in school or as well as causing a lack of motivation to succeed academically. Like educational curriculum, relationships with teachers is also an issue that could be linked to the premature death of young Black men by homicide. Staying in school requires a motivation to want to be there and succeed, ow which research shows that student-teacher relations are a major influential factor. Ensuring that Black students can develop a positive relationship with teachers is a small but important intervention that can make a huge difference in the leaves of young Black men.


This presentation was given in partial fulfillment of the Sociology Capstone Seminar (SOCI 4303) taught by Dr. Elizabeth Kelly.

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