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Everyone in society has a different idea of right and wrong creating an ongoing discussion about what is considered justice. Justice can come in different forms but the most prevalent is social justice. Before taking Intro to Social Justice I had no idea what social justice was, and I always just thought of social justice as sending people who commit crimes to prison, when in reality that is only a small part. I have learned that social justice is creating a society where everyone is given the best opportunities and people are treated with the respect they deserve, along with punishing and helping those who are harming themselves and others. These things do not just come into play in the justice system, they also come into play in the daily lives of all people. This semester I learned that a big part of social justice is education on the different situations people in society are dealing with. Far from the Tree by Andrew Solomon is a representation of these many issues like understanding identity. Teaching people about the harder things in society like poverty and job loss can create a feeling of empathy instead of anger toward those in that situation, like in the book Evicted or the documentary about people who lost their homes. The ability to see the perspective of others is also a big part of social justice because it is common for people to have different opinions on things. These resources help to create examples of what needs to be fixed so that we can have a society where social justice is the same for everyone.


This paper was presented as part of the Introduction to Social Justice course (SJUS 1003) taught by Dr. Myra Houser; it has a 1-year embargo.

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