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Struggle. Contradictions. Confusion. Hypocrisy. Frustration. Truth. Gray areas. All of these are words that would describe my thoughts and feelings throughout the semester I originally wrote this personal manifesto in the fall of 2018. I was coming back to university from having been abroad for a semester and was experiencing pretty intense culture shock. Many of the things that I learned or was made aware of about the world primarily through my classes that semester rocked my world. Add reverse culture shock to it, and one would see why this was a difficult yet important season of my life. I went into that semester knowing that my new Social Justice major was going to be difficult. I knew there would be things that I would agree with and things that would go against all that I have ever known (primarily politically). I understood that for me to study this subject, I was going to have to sacrifice a lot of pride, bias, and polarized, ignorant thoughts. I was ready to learn more about poverty, violence, injustice, and ways that both I and the government could help people. I was ready to learn how to make a difference in this world that God gave us.



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