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Social justice is defined as promoting a fair, equal, and moral society in which everyone has access to opportunities, justice, and basic human rights. In my opinion, social justice can never truly and universally be achieved, but that does not mean we should not fight to attain what justice we can. The world that we live in is imperfect and sinful. Ever since the fall of mankind in Genesis chapter three, all of creation has been subject to sin and its consequences. As a result, societies around the world are filled with inequality and injustice fueled by selfish and immoral human beings. Although our world may be full of sin and social injustice, we must strive to make it the best it can possibly be by fighting for justice. From Jesus assisting and healing the poor and crippled to protesting in order to end desegregation, people have been striving to achieve social justice for millennia. There are many different subtypes and categories of social justice as well as many avenues to go about achieving it. Some may fight for racial equality and minority rights, others may seek out legislation to protect the environment. The combinations of issues that are prevalent in the world and avenues to achieve them are endless. Social justice is such a broad umbrella of disenfranchisements, issues, and inequalities that the possibilities are endless. People from all walks of life and all disciplines of academia can strive to achieve social justice in their own way. This is what makes social justice unique and worthwhile. Social justice is a noble cause because it involves fighting for moral causes that are beneficial to other people. Campaigning for a resolution to problems like inequality or religious persecution may be difficult and may seem impossible, but in the end, you have helped out your neighbor, which is what Jesus calls us to do and what we, as decent human beings, should strive to do. I personally have been called to fight for social justice in the criminal justice system. Ensuring access to justice to both perpetrators and victims is my version of social justice and my calling. Even further, my passion really lies within fighting for justice for victims of rape and sexual assault. I believe that the criminal justice system is a pivotal place for social justice and that the rights for both victims and the accused must be protected.

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