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In today’s society, poverty, corruption, sex trafficking, and drug abuse are just a few of the social and political issues that ravage our world today. It is hard to tell if people really care about one another and if anyone believes the biblical commandment, “Love your neighbor as your self.” As discussed in Evicted, there are serious housing issues in America due to high poverty rates. In Far From the Tree, we learned about different social hurdles that children and their families have to overcome to survive; such as autism or dealing with a child prodigy. In Just Mercy, we discovered the inequalities and injustices in the American justice system. The concept of social justice offers some relief and some possible solutions to some of these issues, but what does social justice mean? I believe that social justice is acts of relieving the less fortunate or victims of crimes of problems but I also believe that it is a human construct and it is fluid, changing with the circumstances.


This paper was submitted as part of the Introduction to Social Justice course (SJUS 1003), taught by Dr. Myra Houser.



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