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Prejudice and discrimination is common for overweight individuals of both genders, and can sometimes come in the form of negative evaluations of intelligence. It has been shown that overweight people, especially women, are rated as less attractive than those of average weight or that are underweight (Wilson, Tripp, & Boland, 2005). Discrimination in employment settings is also common for people that are overweight, as they are often less likely to be hired compared to other applicants (Grant & Mizzi, 2014). Overweight women were more often the victims of discrimination in hiring situations, seen as less qualified than other candidates (Pingitore, Dugoni, Tindale,& Spring, 1994).

When compared to average weight counterparts, overweight individuals are often assigned more negative attributions and treated more negatively (Puhl, Andreyeva, & Brownell, 2008).

In the current study, we predict that the overweight applicants will be rated as less intelligent than the average weight applicants.

We also predict that the female overweight applicant will be rated as less intelligent than the male overweight applicant and either of the average weight applicants.

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