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The question asked in this study was whether or not participants’ relationship satisfaction was significantly affected by external factors, especially males’ and females’ positive and negative perceptions of “ring by spring” culture at Ouachita Baptist University. The “ring by spring” culture at Ouachita is the concept that many students get engaged or married by their senior year in college. Three different surveys were provided for participants to self-report their perceptions of “ring by spring” and their overall relationship satisfaction after listening to one of four scripted audios – positive male, negative male, positive female, negative female. Positive male and female audios consisted of the speaker describing the pros of getting engaged or married early while the negative male and negative female audios described the cons of getting engaged or married early. All participants were given a questionnaire about their “ring by spring” views, a questionnaire if the participant was in a relationship, and a questionnaire of the participant was single. There were no significant effects found in this study, but overall the participants were satisfied in their relationships no matter what audio they listened to. To find significant effects, researchers could observe external factors, such as marital status of participants’ parents, place of residence, or levels of extraversion.


This poster was presented as part of Psychology Research Methods (PSYCH 3053) taught by Dr. Jennifer Fayard.



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