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Confidence and emotions are present in everyday life. They affect the way one communicates with others and feels about themselves.

How can a person feel and portray a greater sense of self-confidence?"

Posture can influence confidence and affect both positively and negatively (Welker, 2013)."

An open, upright posture promotes good thoughts and feelings of power (Briñol, 2009)."

When confronted with a stressor, sitting in a more rigid, upright posture helps people to deal with stress (Nair, 2014). "

When one individual praises another, it changes the thought process of the praised individual (Freidenburg, 1977)."

Saying positive or negative words has the ability to instantly change a personʼs posture. (Oosterwiik, 2009)."

People who think positively will sustain their positive thoughts longer if they are in an upright posture (Petty 1983)."

Research question: Do posture and word stimulus affect mood and confidence? "

We hypothesized that body posture and word stimulus would positively affect self-esteem and affect.

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