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No matter what type of difficult things that we have going on in our lives, or how many things that we have to do, or which people we’re around day-to-day, it always seems like one thing is present in our lives, to some degree: and that’s stress. It eats at our well being, it clouds our consciousness and we rack our brains in effort to get rid of it to experience relief. But what if there was another side to stress that most people are missing? -and what if this ‘other side’ of stress that people are missing is closely related to the reason that in times of strain and pressure that we can tend to perform tasks worse than normal instead of performing them better than normal? What if the reason that we experience this is simply tied to our mind and our perception of stress? These questions are a fair representation of some of the ideas that are talked about in Kelly McGonigal’s TED talk on stress, called “How to Make Stress Your Friend.”

As you know, today I will walk us through my analysis of her speech and give my greatest effort to you to describe why her speech is so great. To do this, we’ll study Kelly McGonigal’s speech using Lloyd Bitzer’s Rhetorical Situation as our rhetorical lens.


This paper was presented as part of the Speech Communications course "Great Speeches" (SPCM 3783) taught by Dr. Rebecca Jones.

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