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Recent studies have conveyed that the physical instability of a person would alter the way they thought about other people’s relationships and the traits people seek in romantic partners. These studies also show that cordial physical experiences can impact people’s views of relationship stability (Kille, Forest, & Wood, 2013).

Confessing love for a significant other while seated in an unstable condition can alter how they truly feel if they were to be sitting in a stable condition (Forest, Kille, Wood, & Stehouwer, 2015).

Similarly, one study showed that being in a position that makes someone feel uncomfortable can influence what people seek in relationships (Kille, Forest, & Wood, 2013).

Even something such as physical temperature effects people’s perceptions of others (Williams & Bargh, 2008).

We were interested to see if manipulating a chair and table to be unstable would change the participant’s views of whether or not the likelihood of famous couple’s relationships would dissolve within a range of years.

We hypothesized that being physically unstable would cause the participant to perceive other people’s relationships as unstable. We also hypothesized that the qualities people are attracted to can be modified due to physical instability.