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To elucidate the mechanism by which AJA affects Ewing’s Sarcoma cellular pathways, we conducted an angiogenic array to observe AJA’s effects on fifty-five different angiogenic proteins. The angiogenic array showed potential upregulation of TIMP-1, an angiogenic inhibitor, but similar results have yet to be replicated in subsequent ELISA’s. Solid tumors commonly have high vascular densities and increased interstitial fluid pressures (IFP), which reduce the efficacy of treatments by inhibiting the absorption of therapeutic drugs. To determine the effects of AJA and CBD on IFP, and thus on vasculature in vivo, we measured IFP levels in mouse xenograft ES tumors. AJA and CBD both produced significant decreases in IFP within thirty minutes of injection, affirming their potential as legitimate cancer treatments.



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