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Research has found that stress has the ability to affect the way a person may sleep, eat, and the possible development of certain diseases.

Mullan B. A. (2014) found a major correlation between poor sleep and stress, which often had a negative effect on individual's overall health.
Penedo, F. J. & Dahn, J. R. (2005) found that exercise showed a positive correlation with overall health, both physically and mentally.

Chin, X, Et al (2013) found that participants who were exposed to a “scary” sound clip were more likely to experience “excited” and “unpleasant” emotions, while those who were exposed only to music experiences “pleasant” and “calm” emotions.

This shows that music has the ability to change a persons current state of being.

Our study will seek to find the relationship between a physical stressor (sound) and exercise, along with its affects on an individuals physical (blood pressure) and their emotional health (PANAS (S)). We hypothesized that the participants who experience the stressful situation and exercise will have significantly lower blood pressure than those who experience a stressful situation and do not exercise.

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