Department Chair: Dr. Allyson Phillips

Psychology is the study of mind and behavior. Psychologists study all aspects of the human experience — ranging from neurons to nations, from infancy to older adulthood. Psychologists focus on understanding behavior, and psychology is practiced in every conceivable setting, including scientific research centers, mental health care services, courtrooms, and schools. Psychology courses prepare students for graduate study and provide a strong supporting area for those majoring in religion, sociology, education, business, pre-medicine, and other social service areas.

At Ouachita, the psychology faculty strive to help each student reach her or his goals, whether those goals include becoming a neuroscientist or working in a childcare center. Ouachita psychology courses incorporate the most up-to-date psychological research and theories, and our courses are interactive, engaging, and practical. Faculty emphasize opportunities for students to gain hands-on research experience. Every OBU psychology major will design and carry out an original research project as part of a year-long Research Methods course, and many students opt to participate further by working on faculty members’ research teams or by completing a senior-level independent project or an Honors thesis.


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