Books from 2020


Meta-Analysis as a Tool for Increasing Students' Scientific Thinking, Jennifer Fayard

Articles from 2018


College Students' Social Perceptions Toward Individuals with Intellectual Disability, B. Allyson Phillips, Stoni Fortney, and Lindsey Swafford

Articles from 2017


Parenting Children with Down Syndrome: An Analysis of Parenting Styles, Parenting Dimensions, and Parental Stress, B. Allyson Phillips

Articles from 2016


Receptive Vocabulary Analysis in Down Syndrome, B. Allyson Phillips

Books from 2014


A Comparison of Parenting Dimensions between Mothers of Children with Down Syndrome and Mothers of Typically Developing Children, B. Allyson Phillips


Matching Variables for Research Involving Youth with Down Syndrome: Leiter-R versus PPVT-4, B. Allyson Phillips

Submissions from 2013


Remarks to the Ceremony of Achievement, Randall D. Wight


Seeking Excellence in the Day, Randall D. Wight

Books from 2012


Explicit Learning in Down Syndrome: A Cross-Sectional Developmental Trajectory Approach, B. Allyson Phillips


Resveratrol Effects on Astrocyte Function: Relevance to Neurodegenerative Diseases, Randall D. Wight, Cameron A. Tull, Matthew W. Deel, Brooke L. Stroope, Amy G. Eubanks, Janet A. Chavis, Paul D. Drew, and Lori L. Hensley

Articles from 2010

Review of Bennett and Hacker's History of Cognitive Neuroscience, Randall D. Wight

Submissions from 2008


Remarks During New Beginnings, Randall D. Wight

Articles from 2005


Gauss, Johann Carl Friedrich, Randall D. Wight and Philip A. Gable


Thurstone, Louis Leon, Randall D. Wight and Philip A. Gable

Articles from 2003

More Than Mere Weather: James's Talks to Students About Life, Randall D. Wight

Articles from 1998


Making Place for a Comparative Scientist: Robert Means Yerkes at Harvard, 1902-1917, Randall D. Wight and Kristi Smith

Articles from 1997

Of Theater, Pedagogy, and the History of Psychology, Susan E. Rhoads and Randall D. Wight

Articles from 1995


The Song Remains the Same: Fifty Years of Division Two, Randall D. Wight and Stephen F. Davis

Articles from 1993

Expanding Coverage in the History Course by Toasting Significant but Often Overlooked Contributors, Randall D. Wight


The Pavlov-Yerkes Connection: What Was Its Origin?, Randall D. Wight

Articles from 1992


Portraits of a Discipline: An Examination of Introductory Psychology Textbooks in America, Randall D. Wight and Wayne Weiten

Articles from 1991


A Title Oscillation: Journal of Comparative Neurology and Psychology, 1904-1910, Randall D. Wight

Articles from 1989

Fostering Insight into Personal Conceptions of the Elderly: A Simulation Exercise, Randall D. Wight