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Donating several valuable works of art to Ouachita Baptist University, Dr. Loyde Hudson told students gathered for a Dec. 4 reception that he donated the pieces “because of you.”

“I wanted it to be where students could enjoy it,” he explained. “I wanted it to be on the walls where they could see it. I wanted it to be among young liberal arts students.” He encouraged the students to “enjoy it like I’ve enjoyed it for 50 years.”

The collection, which features works by renowned 19th century American artist Thomas Moran and German-American artist Albert Bierstadt, is on display in the new Rosemary Gossett Adams Gallery on the Ouachita campus. In addition to Moran’s “Lookout Rock – Yosemite Valley” and two paintings by Bierstadt, the collection includes an etching by Moran’s son, Peter, and several pieces of sculpture by Chris Delabarto as well as other works.


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