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Let’s face it. It’s still cold outside, and we’re all still catching up on rest that was lost in the busyness of the first few weeks back after Christmas break. The winter is tiring, and sometimes that can lengthen the second semester.

Maybe you weren’t excited to move back into your dorm or your apartment after break. Maybe you weren’t excited to wake up early and go to class. Maybe you’ve forgotten what it felt like to step foot on Ouachita’s campus for the first time. Maybe you need a reminder – a “how-to,” if you will.

We all had a “why” when it came to choosing Ouachita. Whether it was a family member, a Tiger Tunes show 10 years ago, an opportunity in your major or craft or simply a feeling of warmth that hit when you saw “Arkadelphia” plastered over every business you passed when coming into town for the first time. You were called to Ouachita for a purpose, and I think we all possess a fear of losing our love for our school that we call home.



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