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As Cone-Bottoms Hall celebrates its centennial birthday, stories arise that were passed down from generation to generation surrounding the iconic building on campus. One urban legend follows the story of Jane and her mysterious death.

In the early 1920’s, Jane began dating Joshua, a student at Henderson State University. As their relationship blossomed, Joshua’s friends started to pressure him to break up with her. His friends taunted and teased him because of the longstanding rivalry between the two schools as it was almost unheard of to be seen with someone from the opposing school.

On the eve of Henderson’s Homecoming, he ended things with Jane and took a Henderson girl to the Homecoming dance instead. Convinced her life could not go on without him, Jane walked back to Cone- Bottoms, which served as a women’s dormitory then, and put on a floor-length black dress and veil before throwing herself down the elevator shaft.

Almost a century later, it is rumored that her ghost still haunts the halls of Cone-Bottoms, where she warns against dating a Henderson boy and can be seen still wearing the fateful long black dress and veil she died in.



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