Submissions from 2018


Every Sweet Imagined Possibility: A Senior Recital, Kristen Lamadrid

Submissions from 2017

Elizabeth Crisler's Senior Recital, Elizabeth J. Crisler

Aaden Jones and Kayla Walker's Senior Recital, Aaden Jones and Kayla Ren Walker

Submissions from 2016


Senior Recital, Kimberley Attaway and Alexis Morgan

Festival of Christmas: A Spirit of Christmas, Concert Choir, Ouachita Singers, Women's Chorus, Ouachita Sounds, and Ouachita Handbell Ringers


Percussion Ensemble Concert, Nov. 21, Percussion Ensemble and Ryan C. Lewis


Tiger Steel and Pan Jouvet: December Recital, Ryan C. Lewis

Ouachita Singers and Women's Chorus Concert, Oct. 18, Ouachita Singers, Women's Chorus, and Gary Gerber


A Service of Lessons and Carols Lessons and Carols, Ouachita Singers, Women's Chorus, Ouachita Handbell Ringers, and Adam Haas