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Within this experiment the different levels of pollution in areas around Liverpool were tested. These areas were Stanley Park, Lunt Meadows, and Woolton Road. At Stanley Park one of two transects had a geochemical analysis as well as magnetic measurements run to investigate source attribution within the urban environment resulting in data showing high variability in soil properties among the transect. With data supporting evidence of diamagnetic, paramagnetic, and ferromagnetic properties in soil along the same transect. At Lunt Meadows, through the use of XRF for soil samples and nitrate and phosphate testing for water samples, it was found that there was an abnormally high amount of iron within the first two centimeters of the soil, a trend also seen in Ca, Mn, and Sr. Additionally, strong positive correlations between presence of the element and depth were found in Al, Si, P, and Ti and negative correlations were present in S and Cl. The nitrate and phosphate water test found high amounts of nitrate and low amounts of phosphate. At Woolton Road, low Xfd% values as well as negligible XRF data indicated insignificant levels of pollution within the soil.



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