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Exercise is essential for a healthy life and many people are unable to participate due to barriers. One population that seems to be extremely impacted by these barriers are persons with disabilities. People with disabilities are more likely to become obese and suffer from serious, chronic illnesses. There is a need for exercise programs catered to this population. There is a lack of exercise programs focused on people with disabilities, so through this research we are interested to see the impact of a 12-week exercise program and what results might occur from this lifestyle change. With the 12-week virtual program we developed, we were able to keep participants active and moving even through isolation in the height of COVID-19. After conducting pre-test, the exercise program, and post-test, it was determined that the results of the pre and post-test had been incorrectly gathered and were no longer reliable. Through this study it was determined that in the future it is important to assess work being done by outside help multiple times instead of just assuming everyone followed the directions. Overall the hypothesis that a significant change would be observed in the overall fitness of participants is unable to be supported due to a lack of data.



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