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Throughout the course of time, the role of women in journalism has changed tremendously. Women in journalism were considered inferior to men and had to fight their way up the ladder to be given the same roles and responsibilities as a man. However, when given breaking stories or interviews with heads of states, women still weren't paid as greatly as a man was, despite the level of work they were doing. We see the remnants of this in today's society. However, thanks to groundbreaking women in journalism, women are now able to be in positions, the same positions within a newsroom as men, and hold their own. Yet, despite women doing the exact same job as a man, even today, it has been shown that there are men who make higher salaries than women. Women are still facing unnecessary scrutiny by viewers. I would argue that we see more women than we ever have in news before, yet they're facing the same challenges faced decades ago.

Comparing the stories of three women in broadcast journalism, Barbara Walters, a ground-breaking female journalist; Tiffany Lee a new-to-the-industry reporter and anchor; and veteran anchor Alyse Eady will share how the role of women in journalism has changed, yet still has similarities to the past, as well as show how society has changed, yet there still is work to do in creating a fair workplace in television.



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