Scanning G. rubripertincta bacteriophage for host range expansion

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First Reader

Dr. Ruth Plymale

Second Reader

Dr. Sharon Hamilton

Third Reader

Dr. Scott Duvall


Throughout the spring semester of 2022, experiments testing Gordonia bacteriophage for Host range expansion beyond the Isolation Host were conducted. Within the sphere of microbiology, a wide array of data exists on bacteriophage and the bacteria they infect. However, little information exists about individual, specific types of phage. Within this research, the aim is to discover Host bacteria that could be infected by bacteriophage previously found in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. The phage used, "Beaver" and "SheckWes," are Gordonia phage. "Gordonia," meaning they were initially isolated from an infection of genus Gordonia bacteria, this being their isolation Host. In the experiments, the goal was to discover different bacterial species they could infect. If the phage proved to infect different Hosts, then new, unique qualities of that phage could be attributed.

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