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Background: The public is becoming more health conscious while sugar consumption, particularly frozen desserts, remains high. An evaluation of sugar alternatives that can maintain integrity of a product while providing fewer deleterious effects is necessary.

Objective: To assess the impacts of sugar alternatives on homemade vanilla ice cream while gathering information on a community’s opinion of the effects.

Method: Ice cream samples made with sugar (control), Sweet’N Low®, Equal®, Splenda®, Stevia®, and monk fruit sweeteners were prepared for a taste test. A sensory evaluation was conducted on March 31, 2022 at Ouachita Baptist University. Microsoft Excel® was utilized to conduct descriptive statistics, frequency calculations, and one-way analysis of variance on the data gathered from 42 scorecards.

Results: Equal® yielded an ice cream sample that was most similar to the control sample regarding texture and flavor. Texture and flavor acceptability was most commonly reported for ice cream made with sugar and Equal®. Monk fruit sweeteners was quite tolerated regarding overall flavor.

Conclusion: Equal® was the best alternative for sugar in ice cream. To improve health, diet and behavior modifications should be combined for long-term benefits.



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