Desireé: An Original Musical

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Dr. Joshua Brown

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Dr. Carlos Feller

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Professor Jennifer Burkett Pittman


This musical follows a young couple named Desireé and Armand Aubigny in Antebellum Louisiana. Their love for each other is obvious, despite her ambiguous background and his harsh ways. With no heed to her background and its meaning for his reputation, Armand, who is the son of a highly-respected and wealthy southern family in the area, marries Desireé. Everything seems perfect in the Aubigny house, until their baby son is born and brings scandal with him… When I first decided that I wanted to write this musical, I had to wrestle with what I wanted to write. What was it that I wanted to bring to the table and say about the world? If I could leave this world saying one thing, it would be to get rid of the hate in your heart and love, always. I strove to capture this timeless message that is so relevant to the issues we face today, and which Chopin also gracefully presents in her original short story. This message is the following; if you have hatred inside your heart, it will destroy what you love. The goal of my musical is to open discussion about the harsh topics prevalent in Chopin's short story and promote general love and unity within our divided culture.


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