Women in Business: Social Status Recognition, Prejudices, Power Usage, Challenges and Solutions

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Dr. Kent Faught

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Dr. Amy Sonheim

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Dr. Jennifer Fayard


Although there has been a recent surge of business women in the workplace, there are many challenges that business women have every day. Business women are more likely to face unfair treatment than men at work. Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, wrote in her book Lean In (2013) that these problems for women can include gender discrimination, lack of access to mentorship, and imbalance between work and life, to name a few. The primary reasons that business women face those difficulties at work are from social influences of stereotypical group thinking as well as different expectations of each gender. The concerns of this thesis are to identify major challenges that professional females face at work in the United States as well as to explore several helpful ways for them to cope. In addition, I will also dedicate a section for how these work issues pertain to Asian business women. To start, I will analyze stereotypical group and prejudicial mindsets, status for Asian business women in America, and the effective usage of power from business women in the workplace. In the end, I will give a detailed examination of a variety of challenges that business women have and ways to cope with them.

With a better understanding of these issues, individuals will be better prepared to cope with these challenges and work towards a fair working environment, where female professionals have healthier relationships in the workplace.

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