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This honors thesis paper is over the ethics of sexual conduct from a Biblical perspective. This paper aims to be theological, as it will examine God’s view, creation, and design of sex; anthropological, as it will view the human role in sexual conduct and ethics from a Biblical perspective; and Christological, as it will examine how Christ redeems the breaching of said ethics. With this goal in mind, the research for this paper will be twofold.

First, there will be an examination of sexual ethics through a Biblical, and particularly Old Testament, lens. This will be done through a reading and review of Prostitutes and Polygamists by David T. Lamb. This will help give an overview of how sex is dealt with in the Bible. Specifically, the design, purpose, and Biblical examples of sexual sin will be discussed. Second, there will be an exegesis of Romans 1:26-27, in which Paul discusses sexual matter. This case study will be to give a specific example of Paul’s thought on sexual ethics and an insight to how sex is viewed from a New Testament perspective. Both of these components of this paper are in place with the goal to give the reader an overview of sexual ethics from a Biblical perspective.

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