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Spring 2020

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Dr. Joseph Bradshaw

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Dr. Angela Douglass

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Dr. Allyson Phillips


The applications of carbon nanomaterials (CNM), including graphene and its derivatives such as carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in nanomedicine is well established. These nanomaterials have been widely used as theranostic delivery systems with the potential to deliver bioactive agents and simultaneously detect selectively diseased tissues. A rather underexplored CNM for biomedical imaging and theranostics delivery are carbon nano-onions (CNOs). CNOs are carbon-based nanomaterials that can potentially be used in cancer therapy when they are functionalized. Recent studies on cellular fate of different CNMs, including CNOs, have demonstrated that the surface composition is critical for the in vivo application of these CNM. Current research discusses the preparation and characterization a novel CNO-Pt nanomaterial and the cell viability of U87 glioblastoma cells in the presence of this functionalized CNO. In order to form the desired CNO-Pt compound, the CNOs were first oxidized, followed by attachment of the cis-diammine platinum(II) dichloride. The novel CNO-Pt nanomaterial was characterized by IR and UV-Vis spectroscopies. Cytotoxicity of the material was tested on U87 glioblastoma cells. Following an Alamar Blue assay, the CNO-Pt material showed approximately 25% cell death at all concentrations after only 24 hours.



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