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Spring 2020

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First Reader

Professor Donnie Copeland

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Dr. Amy Sonheim

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Professor Sharon Cosh


After growing up in a city where I was privileged to observe a combination of cultures, I felt especially drawn to how children grow up in these environments, especially as it pertains to education. With this in mind, my thesis easily became a place for me to write and illustrate a bilingual children’s picture book. This picture book is for children between the ages of five and eight years old and is written in the English and Spanish languages. I have focused the book specifically on circumstances that immigrant children from Central or South America might encounter, as they adjust to classroom life and cultural differences in the United States. Immigration is one of the greatest journeys and struggles for a child to live through. For children, whose parents or grandparents immigrated, they must learn to balance the two cultures that they know. One way that children accomplish this and make sense of their world is through art and literature. This is where picture books contribute immensely. Because picture books are interactive, a child is able to process information from the art and the words at their own pace. Being able to do this is especially vital for immigrant children, who are learning within the contexts and environments of more than one culture.



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