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Spring 2020

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Theatre Arts

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Professor Joe Hernandez

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Dr. Myra Houser

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Professor Jennifer Maddox


I have grown up dancing. It has been a large part of my life. At a young age, after an experience dancing with Christ for the Nations, I was amazed that dance could reach beyond cultural boundaries. During my freshman year in an honors course, I was reminded of the concept that dance is a universal language. I have spent the last several years researching dance forms and coming into my own as a choreographer. Language can be a barrier as we try to communicate thoughts, feelings, etc. Yet, people from countries all over the world for centuries have utilized dance to tell stories and pass down traditions. Dance could be utilized much more in the modern world as we become more connected with technology. As we become connected through technology, we are still disconnected in language. I take the time to explore the idea that dance is a universal language to hopefully encourage others to utilize it. Dance is a universal language that can be used to tell stories and share ideas. It can break language barriers and open the door for communication across cultures.

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