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Kaelyn gripped tight at the silk sheets around her before her body settled into even breaths. In. Out. In. out. She could still see the shadowed faces in their dark hoods and the fires. There were always fires.

She opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling above her, counting the number of tiles from the edge of her bed to the mahogany dresser. In. Out. One. In. Out. Two.

You are back in your room, she reminded herself. It was just a dream.

"Kaelyn?" her door creaked open and she jumped. "Are you okay?"

She rolled over and saw the shadow of his large frame. Of course he would hear and come to check on her. If there was anyone she didn't want in her room, it was him. "I'm fine Daemon. Just a bad dream."

He nodded, his blonde locks moving as he did. "You're probably just nervous. We have a big day tomorrow."

There was an uneasiness in her stomach. Kaelyn couldn't forget about the press conference, even if she wanted to. Usually, she just stood in the back as her father and Daemon did all the talking, but every once in a while, a charismatic reporter would walk up to her and shove a microphone in her face.

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, it's probably just nerves."

He took two steps toward her, and Kaelyn mentally took a step back. "Do you want me to have Ellie get you something?"

And wake her up at this hour? She would kill me, thought Kaelyn. "No. Really Daemon. I' m fine. It's just a dream."

"Yeah, just a dream." He started to go, but stopped. Crossing the room, he bent down and pressed his cold lips to her cheek. "Sweet dreams."

Just a dream. It was just a dream, she tried reminding herself. But it's the same one she had all the time. It was the same dream that turned into a nightmare.



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