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Dr. Amber Chelette

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Dr. Jennifer Fayard

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Dr. Rachel Pool


There is a strong demand for occupational therapists as well as a great job outlook. but there seems to be a lack of knowledge about occupational therapy among college students. The purpose of this thesis was to find out if more education about this growing field would lead to an increase in interest or consideration of the field of occupational therapy. College students (n=93) in Concepts of Wellness classes at Ouachita Baptist University were surveyed about their knowledge and perspective of occupational therapy before and after a brief presentation over information about occupational therapy was provided. There was a significant difference in the pre-survey and post-survey responses (p<0.05) regarding students being able to define occupational therapy. There was also significant difference in responses (p<0.05) regarding consideration of occupational therapy as a career. The outcome supported the hypothesis that more information about occupational therapy would increase the likelihood that someone would consider occupational therapy as a career.



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