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Physical Education

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Professor Amanda Perry

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Dr. Detri Brech

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Dr. Johnny Wink


This paper explores the effects of diet and exercise on an insulin-resistant individual, integrating the recommendations for exercise and diet as put forth by a variety of peer-reviewed articles. The purpose of this experiment was to determine if insulin resistance is a reversible condition, and if so, whether exercise alone, nutrition alone, or some combination of the two would be the most effective treatment. The results of this twenty-week trial suggest that insulin resistance may be reversible. Exercise alone was not found to be effective in decreasing insulin levels. Changing to a low-carbohydrate diet with no exercise saw a vast transformation in the individual's insulin levels. A combination of diet and exercise led to a slight decrease in insulin levels, but because the individual was already back in the normal range, future tests are necessary to establish the exact extent of diet and exercise together on insulin levels.



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