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Professor Harry H. Squires


This assigned Special Studies project was to make a survey of the restaurants and eating establishments of Arkadelphia. This survey and report are to be compiled with other surveys and reports of various areas in a business directory of Arkadelphia.

The purpose of this business directory, it was my understanding, was not only to give its readers ready reference to these organizations but also to give the student making the survey a first hand knowledge of these organizations. This survey has well served its purpose of giving the student, in this case, me, a working knowledge of the restaurants or eating establishments.

I learned not only the construction of these restaurants as to management but also I learned just how difficult some people can be. I had learned this fact the previous semester while doing my research on corporations, but I had forgotten to some extent. However, my memory was vividly refreshed while conducting this survey.

In summary, you can easily boil the purpose of this paper down to four items:

1. To compile a business directory of Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

2. To give the readers of this directory a quick guide to the organizations listed in it.

3. To give the student doing the research a fundamental knowledge of the construction and form of these organizations.

4. To learn to cope with people in business--all types of people.



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