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During the summer of 1968 and 1969, I traveled in Europe touring 11 countries by bus in '68 and a major cities tour in '69. On the tours, I took films with a Bolex super 8 movie camera and also bought commercial slides. My interest in Art, Sculpture, Architecture and History was enhanced by this opportunity in visiting the many museums, cathedrals and birth cities that contain within themselves the progressions of the art eras. Outstanding, of course, in places visited was Italy. In medieval times Italy was a more fertile ground for general economic and political conditions to develop. This enhanced and individualism. An inquisitiveness about their past triggered the study of antiquity. The study of the science and philosophies of their past added a realism and humanism developing classic art and culture. The inquisitiveness of antiquity adds the realism, individualism and humanism which makes Italy the cradle of the Renaissance movement. Florence cannot be overshadowed by any city as a birthplace of the Renaissance but the final phase was enacted in Rome shifting from Florence due to the death of patrons of art and political events. Standing above Rome within the walls of the Vatican City is St. Peter's Basilica, 40 stories high.



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