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In the department of English I have decided to work with two famous British novelists--Henry Fielding and Wm. Makepiece Thackeray. Fielding is acclaimed as the author of the greatest English novel, The History of Tom Jones. Thackeray has a close second with his novel, Vanity Fair. Thackeray was influenced by Fielding's work. Thackeray's novel, The History of Pendennis, has been compared to Fielding's Tom Jones. In Vanity Fair, Thackeray seems to have gotten ideas and experiences from Fielding's Amelia.

In my work this semester, I will attempt to explore this relationship further and learn more about the varieties and differences that exist between these four novels by the two best novelists in the field. I shall read the four novels and study the life of the author. In my paper, at the end of the semester, I shall show the results of comparing and analyzing these two authors and their ideas and experiences as revealed in their works. By doing this I hope to learn more about two British novelists who are tops in their profession and have captured the imagination of many with their fine works.



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