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The discovery of tremendous amounts of energy from the Atomic Explosion (ex: first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima) was not something new. For billions of years, atoms have been splitting with the release of such energy whenever stars are shining. We know that the atomic energy is being released from the sun and stars, and that this process has been going on for unthinkable years. However, the sun's atomic energy has been under control constantly, and its release of radiation (dynamic force) has supplied the constant supply of light and heat best suited for the well-being of mankind.

There are times, however, when apparently accidents can happen even in the solar laboratories; for explosions do occur on the sun that effects the earth out in a safety zone of space 19 million miles away from the sun. On such occasions, we can say that in a fairly true sense an "atomic bomb" has exploded on the sun. These solar explosions occur most frequently when the sun shows on its otherwise uniformly bright surface dark blotches familiarly known as "sunspots."



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