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First National Bank of Phillips County, located in Helena, Arkansas, is a small commercial bank with assets totaling a little over fifty-one million dollars. A small bank in a small town, First National is not the place to go if you need a loan involving millions of dollars, and they may not offer all the in depth financial services found in large metropolitan banks, but it does serve the basic needs of the citizens of Helena, Arkansas. Farmers need crop loans, businesses need financing, and individuals need personal loans as well as the services such as savings, checking, and certain forms of investing. Through my personal experiences gained while working at Fist National Bank and through the research I have done on the institution, it will be my purpose in this paper to answer the three following questions:

1. How does First National Bank function?

2. Does it run effectively and efficiently?

3. What can be done to improve the functions of First National Bank?

By answering these questions it is hoped that problems within the structure can be determined and suggestions made to eliminate these problems.



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