Date of Award

Fall 1968

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First Reader

Professor Evelyn Bowden


Pipes actually came into existence at the creation of the earth. We do not know how much time elapsed before man became observant and discovered that when the wind blew over the end of a bullrush or a bamboo joint it made a sound. Man tried blowing like the wind and discovered he could blow this small natural pipe better than the wind. From there it was only a matter of time before man became ingenious and discovered that tubes of different lengths gave different sounds. Two kinds of flutes developed: the traverse flute held sideways, the player directs the wind into the hole, and the end-blown flute or recorder, which has a mouthpiece to direct the air across the lip of the pipe. After learning to play one flute man discovered he could put a recorder in each side of his mouth and play a duet, that is if his left hand was as flexible as his right one.



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