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Professor Harry H. Squires


The purpose of the special studies project for the Division of Business and Economics is to gather the necessary information for compiling a directory of all Arkadelphia business and industry. During the first semester I had the opportunity to help compile information from the banks and major industry in our area. This semester my assignment consisted of visiting and securing information from sixteen of the service stations in the area.

There is very little to write about in trying to develop a summary paper of the work. This is due mainly to the fact that one major purpose is not to provide summary papers but to produce a worthwhile directory. This, I feel, is a good objective of on Division.

I will present my paper by giving a rundown on the 16 stations which I visited, then make a few general observation which I made and then complete my paper by giving a brief insight to one of the major oil companies. Attached [missing] in the back of my folder will be the survey sheets I used when calling on my businesses.

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