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Dr. Loretta McGregor


Objective The purpose of this survey-based research project was to examine lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits of the undergraduate students at Ouachita Baptist University and Henderson State University to see if these students are making choices that will increase or decrease their risk of osteoporosis.

Design Surveys were completed by undergraduate students at Ouachita Baptist University and Henderson State University. They were asked to answer twenty-six questions about their diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits.

Subjects/Setting One hundred students at Ouachita Baptist University and 98 students at Henderson State University completed the survey in the campus student center.

Statistical Analysis Performed The results were entered into and analyzed by Microsoft Excel.

Results Answers were similar for both schools, showing that both groups of students are making poor osteoporosis prevention-related choices in lifestyle, diet, and weight-bearing exercise.

Conclusions During the course of time at college, students begin to make choices and form habits that influence their nutritional status. This study helped to pinpoint weaknesses in the osteoporosis prevention areas of lifestyle, diet, and weight-bearing exercise. This information can provide a focus for the formation of osteoporosis prevention programs and educational material that target college students.


I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Detri Brech for all of the time and support she put into guiding me through this project. Without her encouragement and direction, I could not have completed it. Thank you to my second and third readers Mrs. Stacy Freeman and Dr. Loretta McGregor for their valuable input and proofing skills. In addition, I would like to thank all the members of the Honors Council for making such a great program possible. Thank you also to my support system: my parents--Rob-Roy and Sheryl Murray, my brother--Andrew, my roommate--Rachel Bridges, all my friends including the Doovie Sistas, and most importantly my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ--you make life worth living and bring meaning to academic projects such as this.



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