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Dr. Barbara Pemberton

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Professor Terese Cox


Hi! I'm so glad you decided to pick up this study. Welcome to a project that is a result of several years of work, thought and experience. It has been put together for you with lots of love, and I hope you benefit from reading through it. I designed it for my honor's thesis project as a part of my graduation requirements. I chose it because I wanted to share some of the things God has taught me through walking with Him. When I was little, I always wanted to be a writer, and I guess this was my chance.

I grew up in a wonderful Christian family, and decided to follow Jesus when I was nine. My life was reasonably normal for a church kid. I kept myself out of trouble, went to youth group and got along pretty well with my parents most of the time. As I went through college, I began to realize how much my life should revolve around my identity of being "in Christ". It should affect the way I relate to God, the way I solve problems, and relate to others. I have so much left to learn about this, but here is a compilation of some of the things I have learned along the way.

This study is intended for young women in their college or early career years. It is not limited to these girls, but most of my examples and analogies are geared toward people going through that life experience. I also wrote it for a believing audience having some prior knowledge. If you are brand new to this idea of following Jesus, or haven't figured out what you think of it yet, this might not be the best resource for you. Don't worry about being a Bible scholar to read this study, but the optimum audience has a little experience with God's Word and the ideas behind the Christian faith.

As far as layout is concerned, there are four chapters. Each chapter is built around an area that is affected by God's transforming truth as found in His Word. In every chapter, you'll find six devotional entries with a few questions to think over or a writing exercise at the end. One entry per day is good pacing, allowing you a day to skip during the week or on the weekend. This study can be done in a small group or on your own. If you use it for a small group, you can use the day off to meet and discuss the chapter together.

Thanks again for taking the time to read through this study on the way God's truth changes lives. I hope you will let it begin to change your life and draw you closer to your Redeemer.



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