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Dr. S. Ray Granade


The Civil War was a war of great suffering, pain, and ignorance in the medial field and on the battlefield. The Arkansas soldier suffered for lack of medical supplies, medical care, and food. If the fear of being wounded was not enough, the soldier was apt to die either in an unsafe hospital or on the battlefield due to exposure. Contagious diseases spread like wildfire through the camps, and medicines, if available, were scarce and inadequate. Trying to provide for the soldiers was a main aim of the citizens, who established hospitals, and sacrificed commodities for the 'lost cause.' After the soldiers had once returned to their homes, the aftermath of the war produced a startling recollection of the soldiers' suffering. The men carried the marks of despair and disease on their faces. If that proved unsubstantial, the loss of limbs through amputation and the nightmares of previous prison life would surely be enough to bring back the memories.



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